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Hybrid events are already an essential part of event marketing today and we agree with many industry representatives here: they will continue to gain in importance. We understand a hybrid event to be an event with guests on site and participants who are present online and who are equally involved in the event.


The requirements are high and the interaction in particular is the big difference between a pure streaming and a real hybrid event.


We have summarised the most important success factors for hybrid events from our point of view:


1. Concept & content

Always think and plan your events from the perspective of both target groups: the online participant perceives the event differently than the guest on site. If necessary, it makes sense to expand the general agenda with targeted programme items – only for online or only for presence participants.


How do you design the interaction between the two groups of participants? Which event apps or similar should be used? There are numerous ways to actively involve online participants in the event: a social wall, 1:1 video chats or group chats to exchange information with participants and speakers, surveys, competitions and much more.


The content must be expanded for the online participants. Image worlds are gaining in importance and in addition to the “normal” content, teaser videos, countdowns + transitions for the livestream must be considered.


2. Technology

The event technology in the location must be increased. With several cameras and experienced image direction, you can also create a lively image for the online participants. It should be noted that questions from the audience must always come over the microphone so that they are also understood in the livestream.


In addition to the on-site technology, a secure internet connection is needed for the livestream. And last but not least, the digital event platform must be chosen correctly. In the meantime, there are a variety of platforms that open up different possibilities. We recommend that you consider the choice of platform as early as the conception phase of the event in order to enable the desired interaction between the participants without media disruption.


3. Moderation

A professional and digitally experienced moderator is indispensable for a hybrid event. He or she builds the bridge between the two groups of participants – on-site and online – and ensures that both target groups feel equally addressed.


Another must-have is the co-moderator or editor who takes and answers the questions of the online participants.


4. Rehearsal

Always the be-all and end-all of any successful event, the importance of the rehearsal has increased even more in times of digital, virtual and hybrid events. On the basis of a detailed schedule, all transitions can be rehearsed in the rehearsal, the participants can be familiarised with the sequence of events and any final uncertainties can be clarified.


5. Participant management

Communication with the participants of a hybrid event is also more complex than with pure live or online events. We are fans of targeted communication with relevant information for the respective group of participants: who needs what information? Does the online participant need information about the on-site shuttle service?


Use our FOOD FOR THOUGHT if you are looking for inspiration.


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