Hybrid events were seen as THE solution for clients, especially during the time of the relaxation of the Corona measures, as both on-site participants and online participants can be involved.


This event format offers great individual implementation possibilities, but is not “the one and only solution”.


You will learn about this and the positive aspects of this event format in the following:


Let’s start with two positive aspects of holding your event in the hybrid format:


  1. Maximum reach

A hybrid event format gives you the perfect opportunity to engage both home and on-site participants. And you can do this globally and (almost) with an unlimited number of people.


2. Possibility of a spontaneous change to purely digital

In the current times, spontaneous changes to purely virtual/digital are not uncommon. Hybrid events have an advantage here: the set-up is already built and can be used for a purely digital event.


3. Similar to the purely digital event, high-quality content is generated that can be used in many other measures.

Nevertheless, there are also situations in which a hybrid event cannot be seen as THE solution.


Here are three examples:


a. Not suitable for all formats

Hybrid events are not suitable for every format. For example, holding a workshop with the possibilities of a world café or a get-together in which both online participants and on-site guests participate together is difficult – almost impossible – to implement as a hybrid event.


Instead of trying to bring on-site guests and digital participants “to the same table”, we recommend designing the agenda wisely: on the one hand, programme items for all participants with opportunities for interaction between online participants and on-site guests. On the other hand, programme items that are tailored to the two target groups:


while the on-site guests exchange ideas at the networking dinner, there is an entertaining online event for the online participants.


b. Available budget

A hybrid event usually means a higher cost burden for the client than a purely digital or purely live event. Why? Here, not only the costs for a professional streaming set-up come on top. A lot of effort must also be put into a coherent concept for both target groups and additional media content may be required.


In addition, compared to a purely digital event, the catering and travel costs for the guests on site must be taken into account.


On-site management is also more complex for a hybrid event than for a purely live event or a purely digital event.


c. The power of music

While it is possible to use music in online events, for the participant at home the experience is only as good as their sound system. The online participant will not be able to experience the live atmosphere in a concert hall or event hall in this way.


In short: a hybrid event offers great possibilities… but the format also has its limits. In the future, the art will be to choose the right medium for each message and target group.


If you run the risk of treating the online participant as a second-class participant due to tight budgets or a lack of an overall concept, then the better choice is to invite only online or only in presence.


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