Bei unseren Partnern nachgefragt: Matthias Schwert von Atlantik Network

Inquired with our partners: Matthias Schwert - the manifold applications of graphic recording

Waltraud: We know you as a graphic recorder who summarises events briefly and concisely in pictures. I am always impressed by how you manage to record complex contexts clearly in pictures.

How did you get into graphic recording?


Matthias: A few years ago, when there was no name for graphic recording yet, but it was already common in the USA, I was asked, because I can draw well, quickly and comprehensibly, “Can you make a diagram at an event with the contents and comments of the group present? Live? In Business English?” English I know, drawing too, as an art and creative director I am used to presenting ideas with a pen in front of and with the client. Without further ado, I met with the moderator and we had a clarifying conversation about the event. After that, I was sure: “I can do that!” The event lasted three days and was a complete success. I had fun with it and knew: “I want to keep doing this!”


Waltraud: since then you have done many events graphically… then Corona came along.

How difficult was it for you to implement graphic recording of meetings and events in digital formats now?


Matthias: I have been drawing not only on paper but also digitally on the iPad for several years. This gives me the perfect prerequisites as a graphic recorder to also record online events pictorially. What I draw can then be shown to the participants again and again during the event.


Waltraud: We have also found that the digital participants are even closer to your pictures than at a face-to-face event. After all, you can fade them in big on the screen for everyone at any time and let the participants participate in the progress of the pictorial protocols.

What is the biggest challenge for you with digital events?


Matthias: the coordination in the run-up is incredibly important. Not only the technology plays a role, but above all the objective and the integration of my drawings into the dramaturgy of the event. In addition, you should talk in advance about what the drawings might be used for after the event.


Waltraud: So far you have mainly documented events and processes visually. What did you think when we approached you last year with the idea of staging an award ceremony with your drawings?


Matthias: I was immediately enthusiastic about the idea. Especially the idea of using the drawings in a sustainable way and giving each of the award winners an individual, framed work of art afterwards. Of course, there are a few things to consider, because you can’t draw live as quickly as the prize is handed over. A pre-produced time-lapse video with a narrator works great, or a combination of pre-produced and live.


Waltraud: What are the most exciting projects you have coming up in the near future?


Matthias: Transformation is a big topic for many companies at the moment and that’s why there are a lot of strategy images or target images to implement. We also like to make explanatory films,, to communicate the changes in the companies. And of course there are also some purely online or hybrid kick-offs and congresses on graphic recording. All very exciting right now. 


Waltraud: that’s also what we appreciate about your art: you don’t stay on the surface and your pictures provide a great insight.

Thank you for this insight into your world! I wish you much success with the coming projects and look forward to our next collaboration.


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