A different kind of annual kick-off event!

It will soon be that time again – the annual kick-off events are coming up and most of them will be held digitally again in 2022.

Normally, this has always been the ideal opportunity to get to know colleagues better over a drink at the bar and to exchange ideas. Unfortunately, with digital formats, interaction often comes up short.


Many clients have contacted us in recent weeks looking for ideas to make their event more fun, entertaining and interactive.


Here we show you a selection of possibilities:


For example, our Remote Lounge #Movie: the all-inclusive package for your digital get-together. This entertaining programme has the motto “Movie”: famous cocktails from film history are mixed with the ingredients from the event box that all participants received in advance. And in the games that everyone experiences together while enjoying the cocktails, film knowledge and cheerful guessing are called for.

Read in our customer testimonial how the participants enjoyed it.


But mixing and enjoying cocktails is not the only interactive digital “favourite” format. There is now a wide range of tastings for every taste: not only wine, beer or gin tastings are well received, but a chocolate tasting is also met with enthusiasm.


You can also add entertainment to your event by involving various artists who have meanwhile optimised their programmes for online formats.

Have you ever experienced the amazing online show of the iPad magician Simon Pierro? Or the impressive skills of a mentalist who can even read your mind at a distance?


Another great option is graphic recording, with which you can not only create a visual summary of the meeting, but also create lasting memories, for example, by using it at award ceremonies.


And of course, there are tools such as Slido, Mentimeter and Kahoot that can be used creatively to keep interacting with the audience.


In order to organise a successful and interactive digital kick-off meeting, new standards have been established over the past almost two years. The basis for this are the basic rules of successful digital events:


  • A coherent concept with a red thread from the invitation to the follow-up.
    An entertaining agenda and varied presentation of the content
  • The right platform for the event: even a Zoom conference can be significantly enhanced with professional image direction.
  • An experienced and well-coordinated technical team
  • Don’t forget the “broadcast packaging” and create an appealing setting for the event
  • Professional moderation, which also has full control of the interactions and actively involves the audience
  • Well thought-out participant communication
  • The rehearsal with all actors


Digital Event


Social Event


Live Streaming

Digital Magic Show



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