Erfahrungsbericht Eventbox von Atlantik Network

Event box field report

To enhance a virtual meeting, a package – the so-called event box – is often sent to the participant in advance as a non-virtual (non-digital) experience.


Even though it may seem like a simple idea to send a package, the experience of the pandemic year has shown us: an event box brings tangible joy.


Currently, 600 participants of a first virtual all-staff meeting all over Europe were given an event box to accompany the meeting. The participants were totally enthusiastic. This has shown once again how important it is to show appreciation to the employees, then this is also gladly reflected back to them.


The carefully selected products, which we mainly brought together from regional and/or smaller suppliers, were also very well received. No run-of-the-mill mass-produced goods, which is now also rightly very much appreciated. Of course, it takes a lot of effort to get packages of energisers, breakfast ingredients, after-work drinks and snacks for over 600 people from all the individual suppliers. And to store the whole thing, to pack it – with environmentally friendly packaging material, of course – and to carry out the time-consuming shipping throughout Europe. Customers who trust you, reliable logistics partners and the right amount of creativity and research work are all very important.


In the end, such an operation is not necessarily cheaper than on-site conference catering. But there is certainly more pleasure in this package than in on-site catering, which is often taken for granted. And that is exactly what clients and staff appreciate at these special times.


The company can still set a great example by making a donation for every package sent. Do double good and multiply the joy.


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